Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Starting over…

Picking up the pieces from where I left off. It’s been a year, and so much has changed in a year. Once again, I am truly hoping that this blog is the one and that I can truly commit to regularly writing, as it’s totally cathartic to me, and frankly, I could use it right now.

The title to this, starting over, isn’t just an ode to what I returning to finish with this blog. It totally encompasses everything in my life. These past few months, year, 2 years even, have been tumultuous beyond anything that I could ever imagine happening. I need to take the time to write, make this my journal of sorts. Getting things out on paper that should have been said, have been bottled up, and honestly coming to terms with myself as I transition from college life to the life of a young professional. This blog will be uncensored, the thoughts and words here are my own, and through the eyes of someone who doesn’t really see the world as everyone else seems to. From dating, to work, to friends, drama and everything in between, this is the real me, raw and uncut, finally letting the old wounds heal and growing up.

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